Most effective way to become enlightened.


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Answer to a question about what is the best technique to become enlightened, or gain the pure seeing. The question was if meditation, or self inquiery was more effective. Or if ther vere nothing to do to make the shift happen.

My answer:

In absolute terms there is nothing we can do to make the shift of consciousness come around. It either happens or it does´nt. I could tell you or someone else to “give up” or to “see things just as they are”. Any way or description is the same when it actually take place.
To put it simple, since this is the simplest thing – I would still say this:
put your full trust, in what you dont know anything about.
Thats it.
The term for describing the putting of the total trust in the unknown is commonly the term (having) “Faith”…
The meaning of having faith, is the opposite of “believing” or having strong belief.
Faith, you hav in the unknown. Faith is synonymous with taking full responsibility, for ones life. Not…not trusting in anyone.
Being IT. With no questions left. Just accepting the not knowing and accepting everything as it is. Even acceting that we know what we know (or seem to) and we dont know what we dont know.
What hapens then is that knowing and not knowing becomes the same thing.
And since we dont wonder about anything, we can see everything immediately and clear. No thoughts are there anymore to disturb the perception.
But the perception is that of “noone” or “the beeingness itself, not separate from anything, and with no sense of beeing an “I” or experiencing.
Still we can , I can (I use the word I) tell a story about it. Its a story that is not true, and there is neither an “I” telling the story or believing it. Still the story is told…
So, even if there is nothing “you” can do to make it happen, It is happening, and the circumstances surrounding you putting this question and me answering it, is what really happens.
These circumstances is the Karma – and Karma is a conceptual word for describing the two concepts intention and effect.
Your intention is not something you can accieve, and neither is the effect in this case, namely “my answear”.
But you did put the question and I answered it.
So, maybe a good advice is to relax, stop searching, and start finding.
UG Krishnamurti said: ” One thing I know, and that is that as long as we are searching for happieness, we will not find it”. Free interpretation of his words though..
I used to escape my troubles, by beeing in the “now”. Since I did that many times every day, I think maybe it helped me to come closer to just beeing. Maybe not.
Meditation is probably a good thing to do, though even if it does not make us enlightened it will help us find the harmony to certain exstent.
Surrender, or not believing ones own thoughts, is two meditations that I can recommend doing all the time, several months in a row.
Having faith, is another, and the same.
I read a few things by Jiddu Krishnamurti about self inquiery. It helped me to take my own reflections upon my own thoughts seriously. And maybe that helped me as well.
To drop it.
To stop becoming.
To have faith.
To see – what is.
What is actually there/here/everywhere.
It doesnt look very profound at first.
It looks like nothing.
But its the seeing of things as they are, that is the big change.
Thoughts will stop. Really… they will stop.
Some thoughts will come but you will see, that the thoughts are not your, or you. Its just. thoughts.
So, who are You? The questin that will make you see. You are nothing that you can put into some sort of conceptiual description.
You are the beeing of whatever you are. Namely the beeingness itself.
Not apart from anything.
Best whishes


All is.


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Decide…. Decide now…. whether you are the object seen by what you referre to as “I”. Or if you are the subject, that calls itself “I”.
Or neither.
Before the naming… There is objectifying.
Even saying I am what I am, is a lie.
You are not even the beeingness.
You are.
But what is a verb to everything, not separate from anything?

Advaita got it all wrong.


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The contemporary teachers in Advaita… most of them seems to have got it all wrong.

They dont recognice the possibility of the “pure seeing” to be just what it is. Without someone having an experience.

Ultimately, all there is, is One consciousness, in other words – universe have the ability to “see”.

When you stop becoming something (stop beeing a person with beliefs) you are just that one and only subject. If there were TWO you would be an object, but now there isnt two since the dance is one no matter how many dancers. There is change, and that means that the change IS change. Thats all it is. Its not movement relative to stillness. It IS change.

If you are this consciousness, there may very well be totally powerless mind telling stories about the strange “experience” of not having ANY experience at all.

That does not change that there is ONLY what is.

The possibility for a seen through “mind” to recall its own vanishing, and absence, later, does not change that tis consciousness have the ability to just SEE, without labeling this seeing.

It sees nothing. But its not blind. It sees all there is but without labels, its not a seeing of THINGS or labels or of its own seeing even. Never the less it is seeing.

But not someones experience.

If you have seen this, you know it. If you havent, you will indulge in intellectual debate about if there is someone having an experience.

We could even say that it actually is the experience of WHAT IS. But what good does that do, since there is noone else not having an experience. So the word experience becomes unvalid.

Lucille is a true advaita teacher. I like him. He know, and I know, that there is no him or me. Nor any teaching, no Advaita, no students. Only What IS and the seeing of what is.


Answer to: Do We Have a Soul? Is reincarnation real?


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“It seems u see things very clear without doubt. Did this all came out of the (non) realisation or also from reading? Reason i ask is because there is a feeling that it has to come from own experience.

Also read some of ur reaction to someone talking about soul etc after birth. I have such fear that we have a soul. Don t ask me why lol i don t know. A lot of irrational fears. Believing we are one, kind of makes me feel at rest. But still there is doubt what is really truth.”


“Realization is instant and that means we realize EVERYTHING – instantly. Dressing this truth in words may take a while though. If you try to. Of course its impossible to dress the truth in lies. Some “people” never try to communicate the impossibility of communication – to verbally communicate the impossibility of verbal communication… They may be the ones that is most grounded in the absolute, but not necessarily, since no conclusions is ever possible to draw. Only a person, an individual believing in his own existence, draws conclusions.

We draw conclusions with our conditioned mind. We project. If we are still believing individuals, continuously becoming our conditioned mind.

Our projections is always the outcome of a conditioned (narrrow) MINDED perspective. When trapped in that illusionary state, we can not see anything BUT our “own” made up truth.

Its nothing wrong with being a dreamer, if we like our dream. But its a dream. Or, lets say, its just One of an infinity of possible dreams. And this infinity of dreams, of possible realities, if seen simultaneously, leaves you with no certainty of anything. Actually you see that you are nothing except for this seeing, which has no limit, so you are everything without an end or beginning.

It feels similar to being in awe. But there is noone beeing anything but what IT is. Its the beeing itself. The beeing beeing the beeing.

Thats all.

So, here I am talking. It seems. But I am not. Not really. Talking happens through this spot in everything which used to believe in his own existence. It sound as a perfect excuse. As a made up and undefeatable argument. But noone here believes in arguments. So its not really a discussion. Its “what is” manifesting as a human beeing without a mind.

Thats all.

And this is what “what is” does. Thats all. Apparently.

So keeping quiet or talking is not important. And noone can tell from that, if its “what is” talking or “what is” keeping quiet. “What is” never talks or keep quiet.

It just happens. It just IS what it is. Thats what “what is” does. It is the beeing in itself. It IS the doing. With emphasis in IS. It is Issing the Issnes. Thats all. Thats the only happening taking place.

We humans interpret it as something else, that we recognize. We assume stuff. Thats what minds do.

Assume stuff based on assumptions, based on assumptions.

There is a soul – to answer your question. For those believing in a soul, there is a soul.

For those not believing in a soul, there is no soul.

I too would be scared shitless, if I was a person, and believed in a soul.

Most people want to believe in a soul, and they will have their soul, again and again.

It doesnt remember stuff, and it isnt guided by guides and stuff, unless it believes in guides. Then it will be. But its a dream.

If you believe in Jesus, you will meet jesus, and if you believe in, and fear hell, you will go to hell. But its just a dream. And its not for eternity. But it may feel like it.

Whatever you believe will come true. Thats all. Thats a fact. That applies to this life too. Whatever you expect or fear WILL BE your experience. For good and for worse. So dont paint the devil on the door. Celebrate the good things. Do nothing else. Be greatful. That way you will see the good things and create good things. In reality it doesnt matter. We dont have a choise. And we learn in the speed that we do learn. When having a negative experience, embrace the learning, and the actuallity of it all. Dont resist. Be sad when sad. Totally sad. Then you can go on, when sadness is dealt with. Not reinforced by resistence to it.

When the made up soul have learned that there is no soul, it wont believe in a soul anymore. And then there is no soul. Thats the end.

But if we believe in a soul, even the slightest, then there is a soul. It will appear again on earth. As a worm, a snail, a wasp or a buddha.

I think I am still a believer. I think deep inside me there is someone that believes in something. Or I dont think so, but I am open to the possibility. I dont know. I dont know anything. It seems reasonable that there is some belief hidden inside me. Somewhere. And if there is, I will continue to exist. To suffer death and illness and loss and trauma.

I am not scared of suffering, but like jesus, hanging on the cross, we may see when faced with the reality of intensed suffering, that we cant stand it.

Doubt is belief.

Believing is doubting.

“What is” just is what it is.

Happy new instant everyone!

Dont forget to see the eternal now, every now and again. And again.

Its all there is.

A story – is never ever true.


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A story is never true.
A story is made up. Its fabricated.
Two persons will not tell the same story about the same event. Never.
So there is no truth in a story.
Is there something that is true? In the world?
Yes – the actuality of everything.
Things are what they are. But to see what things are, we must give up our own projections.
Otherwise we ONLY see our own projections.
So – consequently – we only see our self – painted on the faces and personas in our surroundings.
They ARE not our opinion of them. They are what they are.
If you dont like them and blame them – that means that you dont like them and blame them. Thats exactly what it means and only that.
To see this is good, its a blessing, because then we have the opportunity to change.
And the only thing we can change in this universe (given this blessedopportunity) IS OUR SELVES.
We can NOT change other people. We can definately not change other peoples thoughts about us.
There is only one way out of that kind of misery.
To accept the fact that we can not change what other people think about us, or the past, or wrongdoings by others.
Surrender to the actuality of things.
Its the only way out.
We can only change our selves, so even if the other person have done something terrible to us, thats the choise we have. To stand up for our own part in it, without any “but” or even a vague tendency towards argument.
Sometimes its good to tell about this taking of responsibility. Sometimes not.
But fear is not a good reason to keep quiet. Go to the place you fear the most.
Let people see them selves for a change.
Dont react.
And the will meet them selves for the first time.
Some wont like it.
They are the blessed ones.

Du är vad du är – You are just what you are


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Du är det du är.
Du är inte din eller andras berättelse om dig.
Du är inte vad du tror. Du är inte tro. Du är inte tro på personlig framgång eller nederlag.
Du är inte misslyckad. Du är inte en succé.
Du är.
Vi kan aldrig veta vad detta är, detta vad vi är.
Vetande tillhör drömmen.
Se denna din oförmåga till vetande.
Allt vi tror oss veta är egentligen något vi tror.
När vi verkligen vet något, blir ordet “veta” överflödigt.
Vi vet då att vi vet, och utan tvivel finns ej ens en diskussion kring detta vetande.
Vi kan bara se. Bara falla fritt i flödet som är Allt, som är det som ÄR.
Vad är vi i allt detta?
Och hur lyckades vi ställa oss utanför allt som är vad det är?
Är Gud min beskrivning utav Gud? Och hur lyckades jag göra Gud så otroligt liten, och relativ till mina och andras tolkningar utav min beskrivning?
Du är allt.
Du är ej separerad från någonting.
Allt du gör förändrar världen för all framtid.
Detta nu sitter ihop med evigheten åt alla håll.
Tiden är inte linjär. Tiden är inte ett streck genom stjärnhimlen, och ett ögonblick har ingen tjocklek. Ingen början. Inget slut.
Se ditt levande.
Älska utan villkor eller exkluderande.
Hur kan vi säga vad eller vem som är värda vår kärlek.
Vad är då vår kärlek?
Gränslös? Evig? Oändlig?
Kärlek är allt som finns. Själva livskraften.
Resten är påhitt.
Allt annat förändras. Allt utom själva förändringen i sig självt.
Ur ingenting har allt du ser kommit.
Och tillbaka till ingenting ska vi åter.
Vi kan vinka till varandra här idag. Skratta åt det fantastiska att vi kan vinka. Att vi kan se oss själva genom andras ögon och se varandra (oss själva) genom “våra egna”.
Det finns bara en dans. Och den är överallt.
Det är allt som finns.
Och när du följer med i dansen upphör allt motstånd i universum ögonblickligen. Utan fördröjning.
Allt motstånd fallar in i mellanrummet du skapat mellan då och sedan.
Nästa ögonblick tillåts vara vad det är, och blir inte en fotostatkopia utav det förflutna. Inte en reaktion, men en förändring.
Något nytt föds ur din dans.
Och du har gjort vad ingen människa tidigare lyckats med.
Du har förändrat allt som är, genom att inte reagera.
Le, fira, dansa, se.
Älska, skratta, gråt, fall, flyt.
Förlåt, ske, var varat… eller… ära ärigheten.