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A story is never true.
A story is made up. Its fabricated.
Two persons will not tell the same story about the same event. Never.
So there is no truth in a story.
Is there something that is true? In the world?
Yes – the actuality of everything.
Things are what they are. But to see what things are, we must give up our own projections.
Otherwise we ONLY see our own projections.
So – consequently – we only see our self – painted on the faces and personas in our surroundings.
They ARE not our opinion of them. They are what they are.
If you dont like them and blame them – that means that you dont like them and blame them. Thats exactly what it means and only that.
To see this is good, its a blessing, because then we have the opportunity to change.
And the only thing we can change in this universe (given this blessedopportunity) IS OUR SELVES.
We can NOT change other people. We can definately not change other peoples thoughts about us.
There is only one way out of that kind of misery.
To accept the fact that we can not change what other people think about us, or the past, or wrongdoings by others.
Surrender to the actuality of things.
Its the only way out.
We can only change our selves, so even if the other person have done something terrible to us, thats the choise we have. To stand up for our own part in it, without any “but” or even a vague tendency towards argument.
Sometimes its good to tell about this taking of responsibility. Sometimes not.
But fear is not a good reason to keep quiet. Go to the place you fear the most.
Let people see them selves for a change.
Dont react.
And the will meet them selves for the first time.
Some wont like it.
They are the blessed ones.