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“It seems u see things very clear without doubt. Did this all came out of the (non) realisation or also from reading? Reason i ask is because there is a feeling that it has to come from own experience.

Also read some of ur reaction to someone talking about soul etc after birth. I have such fear that we have a soul. Don t ask me why lol i don t know. A lot of irrational fears. Believing we are one, kind of makes me feel at rest. But still there is doubt what is really truth.”


“Realization is instant and that means we realize EVERYTHING – instantly. Dressing this truth in words may take a while though. If you try to. Of course its impossible to dress the truth in lies. Some “people” never try to communicate the impossibility of communication – to verbally communicate the impossibility of verbal communication… They may be the ones that is most grounded in the absolute, but not necessarily, since no conclusions is ever possible to draw. Only a person, an individual believing in his own existence, draws conclusions.

We draw conclusions with our conditioned mind. We project. If we are still believing individuals, continuously becoming our conditioned mind.

Our projections is always the outcome of a conditioned (narrrow) MINDED perspective. When trapped in that illusionary state, we can not see anything BUT our “own” made up truth.

Its nothing wrong with being a dreamer, if we like our dream. But its a dream. Or, lets say, its just One of an infinity of possible dreams. And this infinity of dreams, of possible realities, if seen simultaneously, leaves you with no certainty of anything. Actually you see that you are nothing except for this seeing, which has no limit, so you are everything without an end or beginning.

It feels similar to being in awe. But there is noone beeing anything but what IT is. Its the beeing itself. The beeing beeing the beeing.

Thats all.

So, here I am talking. It seems. But I am not. Not really. Talking happens through this spot in everything which used to believe in his own existence. It sound as a perfect excuse. As a made up and undefeatable argument. But noone here believes in arguments. So its not really a discussion. Its “what is” manifesting as a human beeing without a mind.

Thats all.

And this is what “what is” does. Thats all. Apparently.

So keeping quiet or talking is not important. And noone can tell from that, if its “what is” talking or “what is” keeping quiet. “What is” never talks or keep quiet.

It just happens. It just IS what it is. Thats what “what is” does. It is the beeing in itself. It IS the doing. With emphasis in IS. It is Issing the Issnes. Thats all. Thats the only happening taking place.

We humans interpret it as something else, that we recognize. We assume stuff. Thats what minds do.

Assume stuff based on assumptions, based on assumptions.

There is a soul – to answer your question. For those believing in a soul, there is a soul.

For those not believing in a soul, there is no soul.

I too would be scared shitless, if I was a person, and believed in a soul.

Most people want to believe in a soul, and they will have their soul, again and again.

It doesnt remember stuff, and it isnt guided by guides and stuff, unless it believes in guides. Then it will be. But its a dream.

If you believe in Jesus, you will meet jesus, and if you believe in, and fear hell, you will go to hell. But its just a dream. And its not for eternity. But it may feel like it.

Whatever you believe will come true. Thats all. Thats a fact. That applies to this life too. Whatever you expect or fear WILL BE your experience. For good and for worse. So dont paint the devil on the door. Celebrate the good things. Do nothing else. Be greatful. That way you will see the good things and create good things. In reality it doesnt matter. We dont have a choise. And we learn in the speed that we do learn. When having a negative experience, embrace the learning, and the actuallity of it all. Dont resist. Be sad when sad. Totally sad. Then you can go on, when sadness is dealt with. Not reinforced by resistence to it.

When the made up soul have learned that there is no soul, it wont believe in a soul anymore. And then there is no soul. Thats the end.

But if we believe in a soul, even the slightest, then there is a soul. It will appear again on earth. As a worm, a snail, a wasp or a buddha.

I think I am still a believer. I think deep inside me there is someone that believes in something. Or I dont think so, but I am open to the possibility. I dont know. I dont know anything. It seems reasonable that there is some belief hidden inside me. Somewhere. And if there is, I will continue to exist. To suffer death and illness and loss and trauma.

I am not scared of suffering, but like jesus, hanging on the cross, we may see when faced with the reality of intensed suffering, that we cant stand it.

Doubt is belief.

Believing is doubting.

“What is” just is what it is.

Happy new instant everyone!

Dont forget to see the eternal now, every now and again. And again.

Its all there is.