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The contemporary teachers in Advaita… most of them seems to have got it all wrong.

They dont recognice the possibility of the “pure seeing” to be just what it is. Without someone having an experience.

Ultimately, all there is, is One consciousness, in other words – universe have the ability to “see”.

When you stop becoming something (stop beeing a person with beliefs) you are just that one and only subject. If there were TWO you would be an object, but now there isnt two since the dance is one no matter how many dancers. There is change, and that means that the change IS change. Thats all it is. Its not movement relative to stillness. It IS change.

If you are this consciousness, there may very well be totally powerless mind telling stories about the strange “experience” of not having ANY experience at all.

That does not change that there is ONLY what is.

The possibility for a seen through “mind” to recall its own vanishing, and absence, later, does not change that tis consciousness have the ability to just SEE, without labeling this seeing.

It sees nothing. But its not blind. It sees all there is but without labels, its not a seeing of THINGS or labels or of its own seeing even. Never the less it is seeing.

But not someones experience.

If you have seen this, you know it. If you havent, you will indulge in intellectual debate about if there is someone having an experience.

We could even say that it actually is the experience of WHAT IS. But what good does that do, since there is noone else not having an experience. So the word experience becomes unvalid.

Lucille is a true advaita teacher. I like him. He know, and I know, that there is no him or me. Nor any teaching, no Advaita, no students. Only What IS and the seeing of what is.