I havent written here in a long time. The reason for this silence is that I have stopped thinking about the change in perception that happened. I am on the other shore now. Excuse me for using the word “I” so frequently but there is no coming around in language.

“I”… am on the other shore. A new unseen shore. Everything is still new… So also this new shore. This shore lack the memory of the first shore, the other shore. But strangely it is identical. On the other shore there was someone with insights. 1000 profound insights per hour. On this shore there is nothing that worth talking about. Talking and explaining… Beeing. Thats all.

My request is this:

Give me your love.

Guide me.

I am yours. Your mirror.

I am the effect of your cause.

You are not on the moon when you look at it. And you are not me for listening to these words. The moon is inside you. Everything is.

Tell me what to write. Please…

And, please, remember who you were before you became.