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Answer to a question about what is the best technique to become enlightened, or gain the pure seeing. The question was if meditation, or self inquiery was more effective. Or if ther vere nothing to do to make the shift happen.

My answer:

In absolute terms there is nothing we can do to make the shift of consciousness come around. It either happens or it does´nt. I could tell you or someone else to “give up” or to “see things just as they are”. Any way or description is the same when it actually take place.
To put it simple, since this is the simplest thing – I would still say this:
put your full trust, in what you dont know anything about.
Thats it.
The term for describing the putting of the total trust in the unknown is commonly the term (having) “Faith”…
The meaning of having faith, is the opposite of “believing” or having strong belief.
Faith, you hav in the unknown. Faith is synonymous with taking full responsibility, for ones life. Not…not trusting in anyone.
Being IT. With no questions left. Just accepting the not knowing and accepting everything as it is. Even acceting that we know what we know (or seem to) and we dont know what we dont know.
What hapens then is that knowing and not knowing becomes the same thing.
And since we dont wonder about anything, we can see everything immediately and clear. No thoughts are there anymore to disturb the perception.
But the perception is that of “noone” or “the beeingness itself, not separate from anything, and with no sense of beeing an “I” or experiencing.
Still we can , I can (I use the word I) tell a story about it. Its a story that is not true, and there is neither an “I” telling the story or believing it. Still the story is told…
So, even if there is nothing “you” can do to make it happen, It is happening, and the circumstances surrounding you putting this question and me answering it, is what really happens.
These circumstances is the Karma – and Karma is a conceptual word for describing the two concepts intention and effect.
Your intention is not something you can accieve, and neither is the effect in this case, namely “my answear”.
But you did put the question and I answered it.
So, maybe a good advice is to relax, stop searching, and start finding.
UG Krishnamurti said: ” One thing I know, and that is that as long as we are searching for happieness, we will not find it”. Free interpretation of his words though..
I used to escape my troubles, by beeing in the “now”. Since I did that many times every day, I think maybe it helped me to come closer to just beeing. Maybe not.
Meditation is probably a good thing to do, though even if it does not make us enlightened it will help us find the harmony to certain exstent.
Surrender, or not believing ones own thoughts, is two meditations that I can recommend doing all the time, several months in a row.
Having faith, is another, and the same.
I read a few things by Jiddu Krishnamurti about self inquiery. It helped me to take my own reflections upon my own thoughts seriously. And maybe that helped me as well.
To drop it.
To stop becoming.
To have faith.
To see – what is.
What is actually there/here/everywhere.
It doesnt look very profound at first.
It looks like nothing.
But its the seeing of things as they are, that is the big change.
Thoughts will stop. Really… they will stop.
Some thoughts will come but you will see, that the thoughts are not your, or you. Its just. thoughts.
So, who are You? The questin that will make you see. You are nothing that you can put into some sort of conceptiual description.
You are the beeing of whatever you are. Namely the beeingness itself.
Not apart from anything.
Best whishes