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Two blogs in swedish and english about enlightenment and non-dual awareness.

The local blog in swedish you find here:


and another, slightly more provocative blog in english is to be found here:

Seeing what is actually there, is about not believing our thoughts. We never cease to assume, because thats what minds do. There is a possibility to see the world as it is, without having our perception coloured by judgements and concepts of the mind. That is the true state, we may call it  “liberation”.

I do no longer believe in my thoughts, not even in thoughts of myself as a person. We are all “that”. We are one.

It is totally possible to see the world for what it is. Pure seeing. Beeing. Happening.

These blogs is created out of that perspective.

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  1. there are vibrations and there is a harmony. its bright all around me, i am only sitting with my eyes closed. Nice to find you.

  2. Thanks for appreciating my photo “Let there be light…” May you find what you are searching for ~

  3. Hey, seeingwhatis, thanks for visiting and following. Look forward to sharing.

  4. Thanks for visiting my web site and for your valuable comments. I find your web site very interesting and thought provoking too.

  5. To Know Beauty said:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. May I ask you if you consider yourself an Awakened/Enlightened being, and if so would you consider sharing what led you to your Awakening? Much gratitude.

    • Hi,
      this question doesnt want to be answered with a yes or no. Language consists of concepts through out so answearing with words makes the answer untrue. Also what I mean with words is not how people in general interpret them. But I want to answer your question. You want me to so I want to. I could say yes, what you mean by that, I am, and so are you, you may know it or not, that is the difference.
      The person that I believed myself to be, saw through the illusion of his own existence and enlightenment happened. This is actually a non-event. I stopped becoming something I was not, and then what was left was what is real. Only seeing, of what is.
      Seeing without concepts is like a peripherical seeing where nothing is more importent then anything else. No focus at all.
      First in this seeing we can see what is.
      When this happens all thoughts go away and the world appears silent. The noice in the head is gone.
      For me, what happened was that my entire world broke down, and the pain was anbearable. I was willing to take any way out of the misery. I could still enjoy sunshine and had a good hunch about that life could be enjoyable, so taking my life was something that didnt feel right.
      So I lived on, though thoughts was torturing me.
      I thought life was unfair. I wanted to change the past and the mind of other people. Impossible things.
      I had read books of Tolle and they helped me in the moment, but first after seeing videos with Tony Parsons I saw that I shared this perspective.
      I saw that I was only the consciousness, and that this consciousness could see the world, or “what is” without words.
      Then I asked myself if the seer himself could be seen. If the perciever of all this could be percieved. When I asked myself this question, I saw that I was not separated from that, what I saw. I was it. I was everything, and I allowed it. I allowed everyone into me. Into myself and I expanded into it.
      But… just by seeing that all there is is this, what I see, and understanding that I had not really seen anything in the world before… just by seeing that “this is it” all my conditioning fell away. All of it.
      I think this is unusual. It happened to Ekhard Tolle.
      Then I understood that if I dont try to change anything, or hold on to anything, not even enlightenment, then it will not go away (probably) and it didnt.
      I went into a state where there were no difference between beeing awake or asleep. I never dreamed, and just dreamed about an invisible image and an unhearable sound.
      Just dreaming “I am” but without the words.
      All my problems went away immediately and also all problems other people had because of me.
      They could now see themself.
      I had become a non.reactive point in universe through which negativity went away, didnt bounce.
      It was all love.
      Only love left.
      Strange. I saw I didnt exist.
      I dont know what to say.
      Remember, you are perfect. Everyone is, but most dont see that.
      We judge others as we judge ourself.
      So, in order to love we have to surrender.
      Face life totally and accept things as they are.
      I guess thats it.

      you can red this:

      With love from (!)

      • if you want to know more about this I recommend these teachers, vidos are on youtube, lots of them.
        Tony Parsons
        Byron Katie
        Eckhard Tolle
        Shinzen young

        also I recommend
        conscious tv (you can google that for hundreds of intresting people with various awakenings)

      • To Know Beauty said:

        Thank you so much for such a detailed and beautiful response. I can understand that such things are difficult to convey with mere words, so I am grateful for your efforts. What you said was very profound and beautiful. And thank you for reminding me that I am awakened already in this moment. Much love to you.

      • Thank You! You made joy appear in me now 🙂

  6. To Know Beauty said:

    Thank you very much. I found consciousness TV and will look into these teachers. Many blessings.

  7. Just to round out the picture a bit. Have a look at: http://o-meditation.com/2011/07/30/awakening-before-enlightenment/

  8. To Know Beauty said:

    Ah, a real gem. Thank you for pointing it out.

  9. hej. bra grejer. keep ’em coming!

  10. Hi,

    Very much enjoying reading your blog. It seems u are seeing really clear.

    I had periodes of deep seeing but also (like now 😦 ) am consumed by negativity fear and doubt.

    I have some questions for you, if you would like to answer them I would appreciate it very much.

    – is your life now free of struggle and fear.
    – can u still function in normal life e.a. job etc.
    – has with ur help anyone also started.seeing reality as it is?

    I want to see 🙂 but there is also fear I can t function anymore when I live from seeing as itis. Also it feels like i ll leave so much behind, but I know that s just a story.

    Thnx man.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Bart,
      Do you really think you have a choise to continue dreaming, when awakened? I doubt hat. There is nothing to be afraid of. You will get used to it and its wonderful. Indescribably wonderful.
      The answers to your three questions is yes.
      I never ever believe in fear.
      Sometimes I can feel some fear, but its seen.
      I am always very very joyful. In a sense…
      I am doing very well at work.
      People at work are doing better.
      Well, Actually quite many people around me are awakening. Everyone I know is slowly awakening.
      I don’t claim that its my work, for the obvious reason that it can only happen without me.
      Also, we can only find it for our self.
      And when we find it we no longer belive in a guru, other than as a token or a beloved human.
      It’s easy to wake up.
      Actually its impossible not to.
      Also, of course, there is no enlightenment.
      And no end. No final station.
      Everything is change. And nothing is possible to hold on to.
      Not even fear.

      Love you all./J

  11. hi man,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    After today waking up in fear your reply has removed it all. But i guess that s also the problem that is arising here. I do everything to feel good. There is a fear holding me back to taking the final step, which in my opinion is seeing through it all.

    All kinds of doubts come up when in engaged in enlightenment. Will i be able to function. Will i lose everything that is dear. etc etc etc. and on the other side i m getting pulled towards it because i know that i am living my life out of fear which is no way to live life.

    I don t know if u familiar with this ( i sure wasnt 🙂 but i had a kundalini awakening a few years ago. at least that is what people seem to call it. During some kind of therapie session with a man.a deep stillnes entered this body. The body started shaking like crazy and all i could feel was some kind of bliss. After this i knew that everything was alright with everyone. When i walked through the streets i was in pure joy seeing other people. The eyes of a young girl was pure beauty. The tree s i saw where alive. During this i said WOW i can never be depressed or fearfull again EVERYTHING IS ALRIGHT. But after that the mind came back with a vengeance. Reading that kundalini can get u into psychoses and enter strange worlds. Haha normally i would just laugh that off. But because the experience was so magical who was to say also that the strange things also couldn t happen. Together with strange things happening in my body and mind i got really scared. Now i just switch between fear and relaxation. There has to be some more seeing.i guess.

    About the guru thing. I m allergic to guru’s. But there is one man who started this all with me. I read the book the power of now maybe now 10 years ago. In the mids of a very difficult time. I was reading that book and it felt like coming home. The telling i was not my thoughts brought me so much relief.

    Shame we are in different countries, u seem like someone ( i know ur not a someone lol) i could have some interesting conversations and maybe some beers with 😉

    Wish u all the best, hope we can chat now and then.

    Love Bart

    • Hi Bart, I drink a lot of beer. It brings me down on earth again.
      I also had a kundalini experience. Six years ago. It lasted for a week. It was painful, like an orgasm that never ends. But first it was lovely.
      I saw the answer to anything.

      You will not loose anything. You don’t have anything. You will loose it and get it back. I thought there was a period of time, a few months, that was … Hmm… I was alone, and I saw that, but I didn’t complain… Let’s say, enlightenment is not always fabulous. Sometimes it just is what it is.
      It’s like free falling.
      I love it.
      Enlightenment is not the end.
      I couldn’t describe it really since the seeing is so much more than my words, so fast, so amazing.
      Tell your fear this: “ok life, ok fear, come and get me, give e your worst scenari, kill me if you can”.

      Give u to your fear, and fear will not be able to scare you.

  12. hi mate,

    lol so cool, that s the way i describe my kundalini.experience. I knew the answer to everything. Not just intelectual but a knowing. hard to describe tho. Even hard for me to remember what i experienced, just a deeper seeing and a knowing all is ok.

    It s kinda funny because i was (and still am a bit) a allergic to spirituality.

    Thanks for your tips, would love to be able to contact u for moments that i seem stuck,

    I m gonna drink a beer now, Cheers!

    • Hi,
      I was also allergic to spirituality, even though I had countless experiences of things beeing connected.
      I never seer part of any group or collective identity.
      That was too obviously fake.
      It not possible to remember “knowing everything”. In knowing everything, there is no belief. Only seeing what IS.
      No belief in the concept of knowing or not knowing or “wondering” or believing or trusting.
      There is no language needed to see this. So language is not used on this seeing.
      Later its impossible to translate it into language.
      You are not stuck. You can never get stuck in a dream that needs belief to keep on existing.
      We can never hold on to any thing. Never.
      Therefore you may let this dream go.
      And see what comes in it place.
      There is no point in you getting enlightened.
      You do or don’t.
      So I will not tell you to be brave etc.
      Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Beer was Good? Chrismas?

  13. Hi mate,
    Beerwas good yes. Had a nice enjoyable christmas. Ur writings are on my mind a lot. It seems u see things very clear without doubt. Did this all came out of the (non) realisation or also from reading? Reason i ask is because there is a feeling that it has to come from own experience.

    Also read some of ur reaction to someone talking about soul etc after birth. I have such fear that we have a soul. Don t ask me why lol i don t know. A lot of irrational fears. Believing we are one, kind of makes me feel at rest. But still there is doubt what is really truth.

    Anyway i seem to have less and less resistance of so called negative emotions coming up.

    Have u ever watched videos of Rupert Spira. listening to him deep stillness has come into the experience for me.


    Talk to u later friend. Am now in Luxemburg have to drive a few hours back to Holland again.


  14. Hi friend.
    I saw this. I see this. No need to reed a single book.
    Then I saw connections, saw that other people had seen this too.
    Aha, Holland.
    Rupert. Yes.
    Fear? He he
    Feel the fear, invite it!
    Ask for more from fear.
    Then fear is fucked.

  15. Hmmm it seems now the gf is talking my familie in law into the city. So a bit of online poker for me. I like to talk about a few things with u i have a lot of doubts about somewhere in the future. Maybe skype or something. Enjoy the day Speak to u soon.

  16. Happy New Year!!!

  17. Happy New moment TBS and all of you! I am alive! Amazing!

  18. It’s rare to see such clarity online. Thank you. The Mind is just another uterus for you to crawl out of.


  19. Niklas said:

    I can see the truth in what you say, but I cannot see It in what I see, other than as memories. In what ways other than blogging do you serve It?

    • Hi Niklas (eller kanske Hej!)
      I sometimes talk about it with people that I meet in bars or elsewhere. I guess that’s all. We could talk on skype if my computer hadn’t been so old. 🙂
      I guess I will not talk much about this for a while now. But writing about it would be possible.
      If you have a question I can write an answer to it. Just post a question.
      Well, not seeing the truth a.k.a what is, is the norm, and many people have a fantastic life anyway.
      For me it was necessary to drop future, and drop memories, since these two stories were dark and fooled me into living in a fictive world dependent upon my stories that was unpleasant and of course fictive, like all stories are.
      In the moment, in the now, there is nothing but peace.
      Everything is ok there.
      Find the Now, and be there when feeling stressed. Rest there. That is a good start, and also a possible end.
      It’s very simple.
      As simple as that.
      I promise.
      Trust in that and it may happen that you drop or loose up the memory commentator.
      It’s unimaginably simple.
      Just drop thoughts about future and past.
      And don’t listen to egos arguments to stay there.
      Take good care friend.
      You and everybody deserve to find peace in the eternal now.

    • Vägen är tom. 🙂

      • Niklas said:

        Haha😃 Tack!

      • Niklas said:

        Jag bad mig själv om vägledning och fick följande svar (som vanligt på engelska, konstigt nog:). Det är i linje med det du skrev:
        Simply go and stay
        in a very balanced way
        For tomorrow is there now
        and now is always there
        From me to you with blessings:
        Your eternal you
        Don’t look back and don’t go forward
        In the midst of all is quiet peace
        Dwell in That, the eternal emptiness
        and enjoy the dance in every step – with love.
        Whatever you decide to do
        is bringing forth what you need
        Whatever you need is already taken care for
        Abide in stillness is the only being you can “do”, That is already you

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