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Change is gonna come.

Change is all there is, as you know. And even the most negative winds needs fueling. Actually we are doing harm to this planet and to one another and to less fortunate human beeings. We believe our selves to be the small me, the little voice on our heads, shouting: me, mine, more.

Change is gonna come.

We can not expect a change in our favour.

Wouldnt you please, please wake up. Before this mayhem, and escape the belief in your own suffering. Be able to be of assistance to other in such times. It is happening. Just not right here at the moment.

You are not what you think you are. You are poetry.

The paus between the spoken dogmas. The silence necessary for rhythm to appear as if it is. The seeing necessary for attention to appear as if it is.

We are not killers. We are not really soldiers. Some of us just believe we are called upon as such. But we dont have to do that. We dont need an argument against war. Against killing. We can just stop believing.

Only a believer is able to kill.

Kill another humans child. Which we all are.

Skies are heavy and calm today.

My whole life is a long farewell to itself, and to the ones I find so beautiful.

The universe is holding its breath.

A prayer to “You-the Universe”. Save us all from ourselves. Let us clearly see our own madness and suffer until we give up. Until we surrender to who we really are, which is You.

Teach us to forgive by not relating to the illusion of harm and pain and separateness  from the thing that inflicted the pain. We are doing it to our selves. Borders, is just a line in the sand. Nothing else.

That goes for social borders and mental barriers. As well as so called national.

Look! Wind wiped them away. They are no more.

What about your belief in them.

Can you give it up now?