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All the samadhis, burdons, judgements, beliefs, fundamentalism, love, agony, strivings, leefs, waves, clouds, skies, dirt, stars, dimentions, nows, moments, attentions, attractions, inventions, experiences… is free falling through this point which I used to call myself.

The world and the seer is freefalling together.  There is no world which is not me, yet I dont know the world. I can see it. But I dont know what it is. I can see what it is but how could I tell about it.

I cant see the explanations to what is clear to see. I cant focus when all and nothing is equally important and unimportant. It just IS.

There is no more why than why not, and certainly no more How, than a movement of a leaf on a tree.

If I never ever went outside before, I would say that the roof in a closed room was the end of the known universe.

Fish, if they could reason, would assume that what we call waves, is the sky, and the end of interest and the end of the known universe as well.

How thick is a cut, through a loaf of bread.

How long is a moment.

Beginning and end is the same.

How large is the spot you call your awareness.