Where are everyone going in such a hurry?

Where are they going. They seem to be stressed and determined. Some kind of emergency situation for sure. Yes, that must be it: they are on a mission to save the world. Finally… It was about time…
There used to be a time when people drew cross country in in 130km/h just to brag about their children and get really drunk or to catch an oppertunity to sit on a beach and say “its so nice on the beach, isn’t it!?”
Now, finally, humanity has gathered without a single mind to ease the suffering of others and to get rid of all that doesn’t belong to them. Now, they are breaking free. Now, they all see through their own belief that beeing better then your neighbour will make your fear go away. Now, they see that fighting fear is covardice and will take them into eternal fear.
Now, they all surrendered and said to fear: “bring it on, I am ready, give me your worst shot”…
Brave new world… How I am happy for you. Noone left telling us what we must or should.
No mind left.
No one knowing nothing but what she/he knows, namely: “I am all their is, and would never hurt my self in the form of another in order to feel better”
Welcome humanity, to your true essence.