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Reminder to my ego:

I am not important.

I am not wise.

I dont know anything. Nothing I know. I dont know one single fact or thing. I have nothing to give.

I am deluded. I am a dream dreaming the dream of the dream.

I dont know anything about the world, about humans, about the mind, about myself, about nature, about meaning, about future, about purpose.

I am not a looser, not a winner. I am not prominent or a role model for one single human.

The only thing I can do is to say: “dont do like me” or “live your own life”. I say this, and yet… not even this I know.

Life… It can be lived. I can live. I dont know this. I assume. It appears like it… that I can live and see for a while.

I dont exist as any thought. I am when self is not. I can not teach. We can share. Share our lives. Life can teach me humility. In the true sense of the word. Without anyone being humble.

Life is my teacher. You are. All of you. Thank you!