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I am just sitting here.

A few hours ago I took a walk. I was sitting on the shoulders of my body, watching it travel through universe. At the moment I (and my body) was crossing a bridge in central Stockholm close to the Central Station.

I saw how my body was walking and slowly moving through universe as it seamed. But in what direction, that was impossible to say. There are no directions, or, if we say there are, then there is all directions simultaneously.

The expansion of the universe, the orbid of the earth. The turning of the milky way, the earths motion around its own axis. And me crossing that bridge.

Who knows in what direction my so called body was moving.

And the motion of the neutrons and atoms inside the body itself. Atoms temporarily glued together by whatever force. I dont know much about physics. And that is ok.

I know I dont know and never will know.

I have always known this. But this knowing used to scare my when I was younger. Everyone else seamed to know who they were. The pretense was immaculate.

Now it doesnt scare me anymore. I sometimes long for someone to talk to. Someone who see the world as I do. But there is no one.

Its a lonely business, not existing 🙂

And not even feeling lonely, just seeing the potential lonelyness. But since there is no mind and no body, there is no mind meeting the body and therefore no emotions. And still sometimes there is vague feelings. But then there is not belief in those feelings, and therefore they don grew to all mighty proportions. Just waves, on the ocean.

The ocean that is not me. Just some sort of ocean of all there is…

Thank you for existing fellow bloggers. You offer some comfort.

I am just sitting here.

It appears as if I am.

I dont know anything.