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When one have seen “what is”… there is no doubt about it. Dont let anyone make you believe anything else. There are people out there who make have an agenda, hidden even from them self. They may have been through the process of enlightenment or whatever one may want to call it. Its just a word for the undescribable.

To see “what is”, means to see that you are allready “that”. But obviously you havent seen that properly before.

You allways were that. But you was in illusion of beeing someone. This illusion is not a problem for those who dont feel trapped by it. But this identification with mind actually creates suffering all around you. You are allready “that”. There is nothing to become.

When seeing this, one no longer is persistent in an argument. One does not have an opinion founded on words spoken or written. One does not believe in ones own words. So, consequenttly, there is no one to listen to or to trust.

You can only trust in your own experience once you have had it. And if you have had it, you no longer ask questions. If you ask questions after “seeing What is” you no longer ask questions in order to know.

“seeing what is” means the end of the need to know, or the end to have affirmation.

If you need affirmation, you are not free.

If you still have questions you are not free.

To the player, I want to say, Its a game, I know, but remember, you are just a card, and that by choise.

All the best. Avaloki/John doe/ seeingwhatis/joakim