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You may not know this.

But you are perfect already.

You don’t have to change.

You only have to stop becoming – to be happy for all time to come.

The hardest thing to believe. That you are ok.

You tell yourself every day, every minute, that you can do better, be better, be more beautiful, nicer, or loose some weight.

Be a better parent. A better lover. Better in bed.

You dont have to change.

See this.

And that will be the only change necessary.

After accepting yourself, you will accept most people around you. And they can be at their best. When you dont judge them like you judge yourself.

Tell them this:

“You are perfect.”

And watch their reaction.

They will resist, and insinuate that you are not perfect either.

Funny. 🙂

Insist. You are perfect, and so are they.

This is the truth.

I promise.