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Ajay said:

How can I ever Thank You for your ‘care n concern’. Trying my best to follow your leads.

Two things mainly, I wanted to mention.

One, that while driving, or at home, I have started mentally querying the objects that I see. The Query (internal/mental) is of the form “Is it a car/wall/bed ? etc etc that I perveive it to be OR is there something more to it (car/wall/bed etc) than my mere perception of it. At the same time it sounds artificial because the knowledge that is there about the object (kind of) tells me “Is it really going to change my knowledge about the object ? ” To this the mental answer is – ‘I don’t know’ and that is what I keep in mind.

Since during the day time while in office, there is little time to do this exercise, so only while taking a walk after Lunch, going to wash room etc do I happen to ‘Ask myself’ if there is more to these objects than what I pervceive them to be , and also “All there is is THIS, THIS IS IT’.
Even at a small party yesterday ( my visits are once in three/four months) I tried to see the scenarios being a little apart – obviously nothing happened :-) , but am trying to keep up the practice.

Two, that although I am keeping up the practice of ‘All there is is THIS, THIS IS IT’, it seems that the ‘quititude’ or the ‘silence’ that happens within or rather the ‘quititude/silence’ within gets more obvious when I happen to see the ‘Trees’ on the road rather than ‘things that are moving’. Stupid it might sound, but just thought to share :-)

Not to mention, ‘Not to believe in thoughts’ practice also. Although there are few moments where I get along with the thought, but the coming back is much quicker ( no matter how interesting the thought is) because of this reminder.
Thanks once again !

My answer:

It is hard to explain. Impossible actually. But, the point is, if this happens, it will change your life on every part. You have to be strong enough to take this. If you fall back into believing, too soon, I cant really tell what consequences there will be.
Probably a longing for this seeing.
Probably a doubt in what you perceive, without a clear seeing of what is.
So take it easy. Don’t stress anything.
It will happen if you are ready.

It cant hurt to loosen up the believes though. See this as a mindfulness retreat.
You will become more at ease by seeing this. By not believing your thoughts. It is a good thing. No doubt.

The reasons I tell about this is because, if it happens, the seeing, you may feel alone and lost. There is no need for that. If it happens, then go back and read all my posts from the beginning and you will recognize your own experience and you will find faith in that. If you are not strong enough to carry the new perspective, you will question things. And mind will get right back in place.

Adyashanti tells (in a few audio files) about the time after enlightenment so I can recommend him for that purpose.

Ok. Enough.

What is so funny – is, that we cant see “the world as it is”. Not even our own perception of it (with our eyes, ears, skin etc).
Because, we can not see anything without labeling it.
We are in a sense blind.

It is there. Now.
But we cant see “nothing”, or to explain further – we cant see what is there, open to see, but without our human concepts attached to it.
We cant.
We are humans.
Humans have minds that remember things with words.
Words are images.
Words is ideas.

If I say:

A criminal. With ugly clothes.

Your mind instantly make a picture. An image.

You may see a bank robber in lewis jeans.
I may see a wall street broker in a not to expensive jacket (or an expensive jacket but with no ability to carry it).
Someone else may see a child soldier in an unusual kind of uniform.
We may see a crack head in loose fit jeans almost showing his behind.

Depending on our context we think a criminal is something different.
In russia it used to be a right wing sympathizer.
In USA it may have been a leftie, during the Jimmy Carter era.

Same phenomena, same individual, different concepts, differing opinions on same thing/person.

He is non of these conscepts. He is.

What is he?
That which you can see without conscepts/ideas.

If I see an image of a guru, depending on my preferences I may think “fake” or “enlightened”.

Truth is this guru is neither. He is nothing that is relative.
He is what he is.
Can you see him without this concept. Then you see he is not a guru. You are the only guru there is. Thats how “gurus” (should) work.

Can we see a woman or a man without presuming she/he is a woman/man and either atractive/not attractive, tall/short, smart/stupid, kind, rude, loveable, pain in the ass.

He/she is neither. We all just “are”.

The “are-ness” or “is-ness”…

It is there to see.

A car? What is it?

A lawn. What is a lawn?

Grass? Straws of plants called grass. One organism? Many? One interconnected organism made out of many?
Chlorophyll? Light from the sun reflecting on a vegetative material?
In close up… cells?
Or maybe we see it as part of a real estate.
Where does the lawn end?
By the forest? By the end of they land you own your self?
What is a forest? Big flowers? Trees?
What is trees?
Trees are not trees and not flowers. They are just what they are. Not separate from the air surrounding them.

Loosen up all borders.
Your own borders.
Are you your fingers.
Are you the drink in your stomach?
When does the drink become you?

When does it end beeing you?

What are you really?

What is really you. If not your body.

And if not your thoughts?

How does a bird or a rat or a bug… how does a bug perceive a car?
When Columbus came to America, the Indians could not see the ships.
Why couldn’t the Indians see the ships?

They had no concepts.

See ships like the Indians saw them.
No attention.
Dont pay attention to anything.

Take a walk. Feel the ground (again) under your feet. See “what is” in front of you. Above you. Behind you. Allow everything. See your thoughts. Say: aha, it looks like I want to think about this. And then drop it. See it, let it go. Allow it. Allow everything. Allow every thought.

See them.
All of them.
Accept them.

Allow every feeling. If you meet someone you don’t like, think: aha, I resent this person, I feel disgusted by him. Enjoy seeing this. Enjoy seeing your own feelings. Don’t reject, don’t cling.
See your own labeling and thoughts.
Allow it.

See the “ground”.

How long has it been? The ground… What was it hundred years ago? Was the gravel a ridge? Was the bitumen a well in the desert?

Is it separate now? Or joined? What os joined? United? What is that.

You are always “what is”, you may just not see it yet.

Everything is just what it is.

Turn around. (actually do this – turn around) Is the world there as well. Without you seeing it? How come?

How come? How can it be there without you?

Ponder on that.

Don’t look. Just see.