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You see, wanting this to happen, is just another phrasing of “I doubt what I see” or “I doubt it can happen” or “I doubt that I can see what is there to see in front of me”.
There is nothing to doubt.

You can see this. You are seeing it. But you are doubting what you see. Who is doubting? Who does not want to see? Well… the one that cant see it, the “thoughts” or the “ego”.
Ego/thoughts is afraid it will vanish if this is seen. And that it will 🙂
So dont listen to thoughts. They will try to trick you into questioning things, which is a state of pure thought.
So dont question your ability too see this, that “this is it”.

If you get a glimpse of “this is it”, then you should write down the “thought” that led you to it, or what you did when you saw it. This is a gateway for fast acces to this seeing, if it goes away.
Then just sit and do this seeing again and again, and remember what you did (in detail) last time or the first time you dropped thought and saw that “this is it”.

You may now drop all practices except the one that works for you. Just access the “seeing” and See.

You dont have to meditate ever again. Just See.
See that “THIS is IT”. All there is.

Only you can do this. No one else can do it for you. You have to get in charge. There are no gurus you know. The guru is within (you).

You may also combine this seeing  with asking: “Who am I”.
Any answer you get, you dismiss. And you see that “I am not that which I can see or think about”: I am the see:er prior to that.
Then you may see, that you are nothing. And you are also ALL that you can see. You are all that. You are IT.
This is it – and you are not separated from it, so you are it.
This is God within (and in front of you)This is all that can happen. Nothing else. But there is no limit to how wonderful this seeing is.
And you will understand that you understand all there is. You will get knowledge of everyting you ever questioned.

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