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Many Thanks for the encouragement ! I shall try the pointers that you have indicated.
As for ‘longer posts’ it is a tendency to write longer posts, till I am satisfied that the message that had to be conveyed has been ‘appropriately posted. So thanks for the patience as well. 🙂
As for “what is seen without an idea of what it is” – I guess nothing ! for the moment the ‘thing’ is seen, it is recognised instantly (prior knowledge). Perhaps education has somewhat destroyed the ability to ‘ponder and wonder’ – we know the ‘labels’ associated with just about everything and that is perhaps ‘what you are hinting/pointing at’ – to look at something without labels.
I can only pray that it happens ( to see without labels) here as well.
AND I do long to say “Hi to You” someday…sometime – as I quote you in one of your posts …..”want to talk to you. The true selves. Behind the selves. Not the projections, the illusions, the loop of thoughts and knowledge. The ones that doesnt know. Please say hi”


Hi Ajay.
If you ever come to sweden I would gladly talk to you about these matters.
But until then, you should focus inwards. This is not impossible. Its the easiest thing in the world.
Look at something. Anything. The road. The people running through a square, a tree. Anything.
Just look, and fully realize that “THIS IS IT”
This, what you see, is all there is.

Stop prayng or longing or whishing for this to happen. Just trust me (and actually yourself) trust your feeling that this can be seen. Because it can.
Not tomorrow or one minute ago. Always do this practice right NOW.
Just sit. (or walk)
And watch.
See, that this happens without you.
Now turn your head around, and watch behind you.
Reality was there too, wasnt it?
Even though you didnt look at it.
It does not depend on you.
It is – anyway
And always will be.
That – which is.
That is it. This what you see, is it.

Do this NOW and dont listen to ANY thought. Just look and think “This is it”
And turn your head around.
You will see it, I promise.