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To know beauty said:

Thank you for visiting my blog. May I ask you if you consider yourself an Awakened/Enlightened being, and if so would you consider sharing what led you to your Awakening? Much gratitude.

My answer:

this question doesnt want to be answered with a yes or no. Language consists of concepts through out so answearing with words makes the answer untrue. Also what I mean with words is not how people in general interpret them. But I want to answer your question. You want me to so I want to. I could say yes, what you mean by that, I am, and so are you, you may know it or not, that is the difference.
The person that I believed myself to be, saw through the illusion of his own existence and enlightenment happened. This is actually a non-event. I stopped becoming something I was not, and then what was left was what is real. Only seeing, of what is.
Seeing without concepts is like a peripherical seeing where nothing is more importent then anything else. No focus at all.
First in this seeing we can see what is.
When this happens all thoughts go away and the world appears silent. The noice in the head is gone.
For me, what happened was that my entire world broke down, and the pain was anbearable. I was willing to take any way out of the misery. I could still enjoy sunshine and had a good hunch about that life could be enjoyable, so taking my life was something that didnt feel right.
So I lived on, though thoughts was torturing me.
I thought life was unfair. I wanted to change the past and the mind of other people. Impossible things.
I had read books of Tolle and they helped me in the moment, but first after seeing videos with Tony Parsons I saw that I shared this perspective.
I saw that I was only the consciousness, and that this consciousness could see the world, or “what is” without words.
Then I asked myself if the seer himself could be seen. If the perciever of all this could be percieved. When I asked myself this question, I saw that I was not separated from that, what I saw. I was it. I was everything, and I allowed it. I allowed everyone into me. Into myself and I expanded into it.
But… just by seeing that all there is is this, what I see, and understanding that I had not really seen anything in the world before… just by seeing that “this is it” all my conditioning fell away. All of it.
I think this is unusual. It happened to Ekhard Tolle.
Then I understood that if I dont try to change anything, or hold on to anything, not even enlightenment, then it will not go away (probably) and it didnt.
I went into a state where there were no difference between beeing awake or asleep. I never dreamed, and just dreamed about an invisible image and an unhearable sound.
Just dreaming “I am” but without the words.
All my problems went away immediately and also all problems other people had because of me.
They could now see themself.
I had become a non.reactive point in universe through which negativity went away, didnt bounce.
It was all love.
Only love left.
Strange. I saw I didnt exist.
I dont know what to say.
Remember, you are perfect. Everyone is, but most dont see that.
We judge others as we judge ourself.
So, in order to love we have to surrender.
Face life totally and accept things as they are.
I guess thats it.

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With love from (!)