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I will list some of the most common misunderstandings about the nature of things, and if you want me to I can explain why it is so. Here are a few assumptions I frequently encounter – assumptions that Is NOT true, often the reality is quite the opposite, but how that can be the case needs to be explained to most people: The faulty assumptions are listed below;

  1. Love is the goal (to strive for, to find)
  2. There must be a purpose with enlightenment/liberation
  3. There must be a way to use liberation and the insights from it, to do good.
  4. Not to use these insights is egoistic.
  5. Bliss is the natural state after enlightenment.
  6. Enlightened people are humble. Humbleness is a virtue in all situations.
  7. A critical attitude towards the sayings of others is a sign of ego.
  8. A good thing is to create a loving community, in which we let love and humbleness flourish. This can not be bad.
  9. You have to pay attention to your ego, even after enlightenment.
  10. Creativity is good.
  11. After enlightenment we can reach and fulfill our dreams.
  12. We all have dreams.
  13. We all have needs.
  14. We all have fears.
  15. After enlightenment you still feel fear, anger, sorrow, melancholia, restlessness, loneliness etc.
  16. Moral will increase after enlightenment.
  17. Enlightenment is the goal.
  18. Enlightenment is the beginning of a journey.
  19. Enlightenment will make you happy.
  20. You will be reborn with the possibility to remember this life.
  21. Death is something to fear.
  22. Death is just a few steps away.
  23. It is impossible to love everyone equally.
  24. You have friends that you love more then others even after enlightenment.
  25. You have memory after enlightenment.
  26. You have lust after enlightenment.
  27. You have a will after enlightenment.
  28. You say things after enlightenment.
  29. You have an opinion after enlightenment.
  30. You can change things after enlightenment.
  31. It is an illusion, that there are illusions, it is important to see that the illusions are also true.
  32. You have to meditate to be liberated.
  33. You have to meditate.
  34. You are your body.
  35. You are the “I am”
  36. Pain can not be transcended, it is part of the nervous system.
  37. Mental illness can not be transcended.
  38. Addictions can not be transcended.
  39. You will still have some prejudice after enlightenment
  40. There are answers and questions
  41. There are right and wrong
  42. You exist
  43. There is a God
  44. There is no God
  45. Man is evil in his nature
  46. There is something such as evil
  47. You can never experience being one with all
  48. Living life is the most important thing
  49. Being happy is important
  50. There is no way a total transcendation can happen
  51. Belief is something good
  52. Belief in god is the same thing as faith.
  53. Someone else can help you to get liberated.
  54. You can get liberated.
  55. After liberation your consciousness will vanish, and all there is will vanish.
  56. Its harder for bad people to get liberated than for good people.
  57. Mystical experiences are important.
  58. You will not have superpowers after enlightenment.
  59. You will have all the superpowers of Buddha after enlightenment.
  60. You have to make a living.
  61. You have to go to work.
  62. You have to – anything.
  63. Being kind is good in every situation.
  64. Human beings is the only animal that can be enlightened.
  65. Following religion will take you to heaven.
  66. God is apart from us.

So to be clear about it: these statements is NOT TRUE.

I would gladly explain how that is the case if someone finds interest in it.