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Hi All,

long time now without writing.

I hope you all are well. I not, then remember, its only in your head 😉

I have been reflecting upon death. Some say that if you give up totally, you will die…

I have no idea if that is the case.

Also I dont know if the consequenses from not giving up totally are more severe (and terrifying for those who hosts fear)

Also I dont know if there are any reason to live.

Also I dont know if surrendering totally, even to death, may prevent you from facing death. My gut say that giving up totally, may make you healthy or may inflict death upon your body. So… since I have given up totally, there is not really a choise. That is of importance for this discussion.

I have given up totally, and after giving up I found out I was ill. But the doctors could almost not find the illness, because my body is in perfect shape in every way.

I insisted on further investigation thoug, since I got signals from my body that it was something wrong with it. Then the doctors found out that I have only 50% left of my lungs. They could not comprehend that I had just finished running a marathon…

Because of that they could not see the facts. Because of their belief. They thought something like that was impossible.

I guess It was not a god thing to tell the doctors that I could free myself from pain on will. By not believing in it, but that is the case though. That is totally possible. But very few people know that, and doctors are trained not to believe in anything that has no evidence behind it. So… dont say things like that to the doctors. That is my advice. 🙂 Ha ha

The fact is… that after one quits believing in concepts, many strange things happens. Things we would call supernatural. I dont pay much attention to these things, still I notice them. These phenomena all arise out of the fact that concepts are no longer believed in. So the ending of believing is the actual happening.

To a doctor I would like to say that they are themselves the believers, not me.

They believe in pain.

They believe in decease.

They believe in cures.

They believe in evidence and can not see facts that has no evident ground. I guess an attitude more open to possibilities would benefit humanity. Especially this is true when it comes to illnesses of the mind, from which one can be freed instantly, by seeing what is. I think a person who wants to help people have a better path in learning to teach mindfulness then to be a doctor. Of course there are need for doctors as well, in many practical ways, but blind doctors we dont need.

I have now seen that I am not ill, although this rather pessimistic facts. I am just not in the best shape of all people in the world 🙂 I like living and can easily stand living this life for a while. I think telling people about the possibilities could not harm.

I am well, as healthy as ever, even though some people now will do their best to tell me otherwise. 🙂

Merry Christmas if I may say so, or whatever holidays you may celebrate out there in all different pats of the world.