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“Some food on the tabel, that could not be to much to ask for…” , many people say.

They presume they have rights, such rights, and with no effort in return. So where are qe to look for the premiss to this self evident right. The fact is that this is a made up belief. So, the truth is that by thinking that there is no truth at all, we may as well make up our own. As long as it appears to be empathic. We, the ones with no fath, make up the rules. And we claim this truth to be our own. Like a beautiful dress.

We have no faith. Only belief. Belief can not be without doubt. So we doubt an we whish and we hope. Hope is doubt. Faith… Faith is not directed to any thing or any one. It is surrender. Surrendering to what is, without our home made belief or assumptions. People say ” my belief”. My… There is no such thing as my trust or my faith. Only blank fath. That is how a belief or non-belief as well equals nihilism. Thoughts on this?

Forgot to say. If there is a table… be greatful for the table. See the table. Then it may, or may not, be filled with fruites of life.