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I come across this argument all the time… and its an obstacle on the no-path from illusion. My question to you is: since you dont know anything, why do you pretend to know. No-one is ever going to verify your guessing game, and you create suffering non-stop around you, performing this act. Is that your intention?

This is the egos last life line. Let all life lines go, before telling others anything. Keep quiet until you have seen the truth on first hand. Thats my advice.

The persons who like this argument appears to be very intelligent. But intelligence under the total influence of the ego is really nothing more than a very relative ability to sort things out in the total chaos of thoughts and beliefs that is the essence of a mind tortured “individual.”

The argument may sound like this:

There is no this or that, because they are both illusions .

The hen wasnt there before the egg because they are both illusions.

There are no enlightenment, because the talk about there beeing an illusion is also an illusion.

To begin with, I must say this, without inquiring further into it:

There is something called enlightenment, but that is just a phase. It will pass. The fact that you were trapped in illusion, and just left this illusion – verifies the statement that the enlightenment didnt really happen. Illusion just stopped happening. So the enlightenment is a non-event. A concept… and therefore also an illusion-  if seen as an event.

But people are eager to put their nose into this “debate” even though they dont know what the premiss is. They dont know anything. There is no debate. There is no room for opinions. There is only one premiss, and, either you know this premiss or not.

There can never be any discussion. Just false assumptions. To know the premiss you HAVE TO have experienced this answer. All other kind of knowledge is based upon assumptions. No one ever knew something beeing true before experiencing this first handed. First when a truth is experienced we know that we know. Right!?

So. Illusion… what is illusion? It is… something not being what it appears to be. It is not a thing. Not matter. Not life. Nothing. It is not even nothing. It is only a false assumption. Nothing to give life to.

By saying that this and that, is illusion, many people will belive that the illusion is something.  Its not.

There is only “what is”. And all else is illusion.

You may say “that what is” or “this, what is” or “all which is and isnt.” It doesnt matter.

What matters is that you see that there is “something” which what you tend to call “you” are and are surrounded by and in fact united with.

Then there is thoughts. Thoughts have the same importance as ripples on the ocean, on wind passing through the trees. They are… but we give them huge importance and create our whole perception of the universe out of them. Thats a mistake. Thats “the” mistake.

The mind can not see ” what is”.

Mind assumes, based on an assumption, based on assumption, in all eternity…

And says that we are an illusion of an illusion of an illusion…. in all eternity…

Mind can not see “what is”. Without labeling, or seeing the concepts that we, as humans have learned.

The only thing that can ever happen (regarding “enlightenment”) is that you see through your own beliefs and assumptions and conceptual images that you project on everything.

You see that this “is not” (we would say its an illusion). It IS NOT.

Then you see and accept “what is”.

You accept the fact you dont know anything.

Then you see “what is”. And then you know this. And ONLY this. What you see… without words, concepts or even a feeling.

No bliss. Nothing.

This “what you know” now, has no limits. So you see/know everything.

So, you who does not know the premiss, please keep quiet. You are doing harm on “all there is”, including the ones you believe yourself to love. Really, before seeing what is, the only act you can perform is exploitation.

Regards – Avaloki