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This – you will never understand…

How to guide people towards that what is?

The truth can never be seen by the mind, because the mind only sees concepts.

Non-conceptual reality can not even be described with a word – but – surrounded by non truth, to make it obvious in its absence.

Any word, creates instant belief and an image of some sort.

Undressing the illusion, and then, undressing what seems to be, until there is non-perception…by no one.

The first sentence in this short text has to be dismantled.

“How to guide people toward what is real”.

Why this belief, that someone has to be guided?

An action that comes out of belief has no power, no truth in it.

There is no one, no knowing, no goal.

There is no meaning.

The belief in a meaning is a tough illusion to get rid of.

There is no meaning.

You ARE allready free. Just see this.

There is only what is.

This “what is” has no limit. Let it sink in and expand.

“What is!”

The miracle.

See it!

Don’t just believe it.

This can not be seen or understood by “you” – it can only be “seen” when you are gone, when the illusory self has been seen itself.

By whom?

My question to you:

Can you see your self? If so: who is the separate one inside you who does this seeing? Can an eye see itself?

Who is the primary seer?

The eye or the seen?