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Intellectually awakened people may wake up to the worldly, to the realm of form.

They see that this too is real, since it is what it is.

This happens to had core believers.

This is not a final stage, but mere an insight.

Not even an awakening, but the term “awakened” is most commonly used to describe this insight.

Non-believers or atheists or nihilists, who reject all kinds of belief, wakes up to the insight of something more real.

Another insight. They both knew this all along. It showed it self as “doubt” or a doubting empty feeling.

But there is not both a world an not a world.

Ultimately there is not both thought and not thought.

There is not both in and out.

There is neither.

Awakening (insight) is followed by pure bliss for a period of time (something like 40 days up to a couple of years) and this is called enlightenment, this process, in which everything you see is seen for the first time. Every concept. Any small thing. Without any concept these things looks totally different.

Since there is no illusions it seems like there is an infinity of knowledge, but it is just there, it were never there, you simply see clear for the first time.

The noice of thoughts is gone so it appears like the word is silent.

But only the mind is silent.

No thoughts at all. Simply seeing.

No needs, no wants, no sorrow, no happiness.

Pure balance, total harmony. Feels good not to suffer so joy me be a word to describe it.

No judging.

No irritation. Never. Ever. Not any.

So, is this you?

No belief in anything.

No belief in seeing things that is not there.

No belief in any thing.

You dont have to live.

You dont “have to” anything.

There IS NO YOU.

No “should” or “ought to”.

Then… this also goes away.

Nothing comes back though. Just that this process goes away. It was just a process. Just enlightenment.

Then you are what is.

All and nothing, since there is no you and no limits.

There is someone appearing to be “you” but it is just a body and in that there is “what is” seeing it self in every thing.

Still no thoughts.

If you want to believe, go ahead and do it but dont bother any one with you pitiful excuses for insight. You ARE the illusion, that is clear. You are just that. Inside you there is a hostage, we may call it “what is”. And this can only be seen when the illusiory self is seen through. When it is seen through, it will never have any power again.

One may as well start believing in Donald Duck – as well as in shackras and angels and ghosts and kundalini and auras. Some of these are there.

Donald Duck is there.

Auras are there.

Kundalini is there.

Ghosts may be there though I havent seen them.

The point is: non of these are important.

Nothing is important.

We BELIVE things are important. But we have no free will.

We cant affect anything, cant change anything.

Things happen. You happen.

What happens happens.

Go on and be interested in stuff for a while. It will pass.

Keep on loving someone more for a while. It will pass.

What is, is real. Can you see it?

Who are you?

And who are you who sees your self.

Can the eye see itself?

You are all, so you are both, but primarily to the seen is the eye.

That you can not see. Only experience.

You can see so many things, all things – but not that.

This is the only reason this “what you are” has yet no label.

It is primary to concepts and to perception.

You ARE that.

The are-ing only.

That sees… itself… in all…and everything.