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“It may sound very inappropriate on this occasion to say that in order to be in your natural state, all that man has thought and felt before you must be swept aside and must be brushed aside. And that means the culture in which you are brought up must go down the drain or out of the window. Is it possible? It is possible.”

Quote by U.G Krishnamurti in his first and last speech.

Its interesting this subject. At one with everything, there is not even possible to remember anything. Like dreams they fade away. Why do dreams fade away. Because there is no mind present, no thoughts. Its just something you see and sometimes there may be a vague recall of the dream, that when mind woke up in the dream. If the dream is lucid, you have total recall. Then your mind is in between you and the experience of dreaming. There may be an exception from this. One exception.

For weeks I had this lucid dream about nothingness. There were something present, but the “something” can only be described as the obvious lack of the essential parts of perception.

There were the obvious lack of visual. It wasnt black or bright, It was nothing, like the blind spot of the eye.

There were the obvious lack of sound which reminds of a copper bell that rings with a tensed tone. But the tone, the sound wasnt there, there were only the obvious lack of a tone.

There were also the lack of dream visuals, and lack of thought, lack of joy, and lack of peace. Still, the only words that comes to mind (mind) is peace. The lack of nothingness. All there is. The experience lacked nothing. It was full. It was rich. It was: “The lack of lack.”

No communication is ever possible, the thought comes in between the experienced and the experiencer. There is naturally no distance in between these two. They are the same. That is how everythings works. Thats why were are said to be One. But thoughts comes in between these two in order to create an experience.

There is no such thing as an experience. That is just a story. A fairy tail. Not true. But nothing less then an untrue fairy tail. Just that, what it is.

But the fairy tail is not the most rich thing to take part of, to be at one with.

To have any effect on a flow you have to be in that flow.

To be in the flow you have to throw your self over board.

If there is the slightest sense of self, you are not “that”, the most primary consciousness.

The forms the consciousness takes may be charming and beautiful, but dont be charmed, dont say “I love everything, I think it´s so beautiful” etc. These perceptions is  something separated by the thought, from what it really is. These perceptions is futile.

The only way you can eat the cookie, is to throw it away.

There can be no eater of the cookie, nor any eating, as an act. The eating will happen spontaniously, but then it will just be a happening. And this happening is all that possibly can take place.

There still will be eating of the cookie, and you will see it happen, see the taste of it, see the whole process clearly. But you wont remember it. That is all that can ever happen when eating cookies.

Communication is not possible between two human beings.  There is only self reflections going on. If two “non dual persons” meet, then  the inner dialog becomes obvious. There is a joy in this kind of meetings. The other “person” may remind you of other aspects of existence. The non reacting attitude towards these phenomena you share, so there is really only One speaking through two.

When a “liberated person” meets someone caught up in mind, there is only the “mind captured” person doing all the speaking. From the liberated one there is no agenda or will or urge to speak about anything.

So really, the liberated one just reflects the caught up one. This seems to not be totally clear for any searcher. But it is a good clue. Listen to the conversation. That is you speaking. Sometimes stupid, sometimes wise.

The real and only guru is within…

/Avaloki Vitadosam