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It can only happen without you.

So belief in meaning makes you become separate from it.

You can only change the flow of which you are a “part”.

When you become what you really are, things that matters are affected by you,

but really, you are no longer, and that is what  is letting things flower around “you”.

You are the space that allows. But this is just a pointer with words. You are not, and not the space, and you are not allowing anything. You are really only not. And therefore “part” of all, without being a part. You are what is.

Enlightenment was just a phase. Still separate. A happening. Something. You are no longer that.

You experience nothing. Laughter and bliss happens sometimes, but it is no longer constant. It happens, and also, sometimes you scratch your nose, but not all the time. You are not scratching your nose. It itches and scratching happens.

There is nothing wrong. You may believe that it is gone now, when bliss is gone. But bliss was a carrot. It was something. And now it is no more. There are no states.

This can not go away. Because, what this is, is nothing. It isnt. How could “what isnt” go away? What isnt and what is, is the same. The beginning and the end, A and O…  (Aoum… some say, but really, its OumAOumA…) This is how you are everything, how you can embrace everything, but embracing totally nothing at all.

Look inside. Not outside.

So for you, to whom this seems to have happened. You can never believe in things anymore. And it happened through this insight. That this is it. You saw it, and then it happened by itself. You didnt make it happen. Actually all you did, was to stop doing anything. And then… what is real immediately appeared.

You could not see it before.

Now you may think there is a meaning with this. That you could save the world, now when you see everything totally clear and undistorted.

You can not do anything. You didnt do it. You left and it appeared. The beliefe in any meaning with this will take you away from it. All you do will be apart from it and without any truth in it. You will become a creator again. You will create and all created has bad consequences. It will look like you are doing good, holding satsangs and looking calm and shining and full of bliss and with empty eyes. But you will create suffering.

Even, if a guru accepts donations, why is he or she doing this? He believes that he needs a place to live, that he needs food, that it matters if he lives. It doesnt. This guru is creating suffering, through his grace.

It may be tempting to benefit from this. And very easy.

When you know the truth, everyone will understand that you are part of it. Your words will be true. You can conquer the spiritual world. Easily.

But then you trade the diamond for wordly pleasures. You will be caught in samsara, as some call it.

You will exploit those who trust in you.

Tell them to leave. And let them stay. If someone give you something, you can accept it if it feels like the obvious, , but dont ask for it.

You have no purpose and no free will. There are no questions. If you think there is, be glad that you can see them, because then you can easily see through these last illusions.

/Avaloki Vitadosam (seeingwhatis)