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I cant give you the diamond…

but I can tell you how it looks, so that you recognize it when you see it.

First impression, its totally ordinary.

I can tell you to treasure it, its wort all there is.

I can tell you to not trade it away for recognition or fame or money or friends or status or short lived fun.

I can tell you to hold on to it for a while.

That is all I can do.

I started this blog in order to pass this insight on. There were still a hope that that could be done. Now there is no hope.

It cant be done by me. It has to be done by you.

But if there is any confusion once onto it, then please let me know.

The confusion can be severe, and may scare you away from the diamond. Be brave. Do not doubt what you see, when you see there is no me.

I have only five followers on this blog up to date, and maybe 5-20 readers a day. Please comment on my posts, it will be worth it. I will not be kind but totally honest. That is not the worst thing. You can probably take it.

Please send a request for a subject, I would gladly write about any of the facets of this jewel called “it”.

This is it.


Around you.

The universe begins behind at your feet.

But you are not your body, so where does it begin.

You are it.

What you see is it.

What you see is what is.

And that is all there is, end ever was.

Now is the only moment there ever was.

Now, answer this:

Who are you who can see your self.

To see your self you have to be separated from your self.

So, who sees what.

Please answer this. That is the gateway to nirvana. The end of all searching.

Who are you who sees your self.

Answer this.