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Sometimes I cant really tell if I am still one with everything. Of course that is when the mind comes back. Mind likes to ask this kind of questions: “Are you yourself? Are you sure? How can you be sure withiut thinking about it?” 🙂 He he
Then I ask myself three questions, to satisfy the mind, since there is nothing to gain in fighting it – that will make mind very happy…
I ask : “Am I – without thoughts? – without memories? – without desire?”
The answer today is “yes”.

I have no dreams, no desire, no memory, no thing, no exclusive love, I dont want anything, nothing, I dont want to live, dont want to die but have no problems with it except that life is joyful to be part of. I enjoy living. I enjoy everything. I am perfect. You are perfect. We are the same. All is one. Nothing is. It is, the nothing. All is good. That I know. I saw that all is good. I saw it when I saw I wasnt anything else then what is. And then I wasnt anymore. So there were no one left to be anything.
I want to talk to you. The true selves. Behind the selves. Not the projections, the illusions, the loop of thoughts and knowledge. The ones that doesnt know. Please say hi 🙂