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This blog will dwell in areas concerning so called enlightenment, the ability to see “What is”. This perspective is often referred to as Christ consciousness or Gnosis or “pure awareness”. In short, you do no longer believe in your own thoughts. You may see them, although the don’t arrive in nearly as plentiful numbers anymore. You see them as they arise, but you no longer believe a word of what the mind is telling you. Ultimately, the non-action of not believing anything, results in the defeat of the egoic mind.

When you clearly see through the illusion that the mind has created, about yourself, about everything you have ever seen, every person you ever met… when this illusion is properly seen through, the ego disintegrates, and “you” no longer identify with your thoughts of Anything.

So who is saying this?

Well… when everything, every “concept” is seen through, there is nothing left. But nothing can not exist without something. So what is left may be called nothing or something. The paradox is left. The very existence, and “what is”. The universe is there, and you are part of it. A part that is able to see its own existence, and also able to reflect wordlessly about what it sees.

The universe starts right at your feet, doesn’t it? No actually it doesn’t. But what is at your feet, the grass, or the bitumen, that is the universe we forgot. Because we dressed it in words and made an image out of it.

Look at the grass.
What is it? Is it really grass? The concept of grass… Look closer. Is it still grass or did it now turn into cells? Or chlorophyll? Or… The concept of cells? Is the grass one or many? One straw of grass or a field? Is this many individual straws? Does the grass straws see themselves as individuals or as a field?

So where does the field end?

Where the land owners land ends? Or by the forest? Does the snail agree. The birds? Do You agree?

So, now look at a person. How does he look? You get a feeling, a thought, right? So how is this person, tell me as much about him as you can.

Will this change when you get to know him? If he acts good or bad, will this change? Your perception of this man?

Why will it change with new knowledge? Because the first”knowledge” or perception wasnt true, and neither will the latter be. The never ending evolution of knowledge. Always a new question.

So why believe in this?

What is true then, then nothing can be true. Right?

Something is true. What is IS. That is the truth.

But your perception of yourself so far is a lie, an illusion of the mind.

What am I then?

You are. You are what IS. Not separate from this. Only in your mind you are separate. You are not the image you have got of yourself – good or bad.

You are not good if you win the lottery and turn into rich, nor bad if you become a total “failure”. You are not affected by other peoples opinion of you. You dont change because a persons opinion of you change? Only if you choose to believe it, you will say that you have changed.

There is no problems. Problems is a fiction.

Well, I have real problems…

Really? I don’t believe you. Do you believe you? And now, exactly who are you?